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putting this under a Read More. if at any time you decide this town looks awesome, you can visit it by going to 2600-0218-7298

e: people seem confused, this is a town you can visit when you have a Dream Suite in your town. you give the assistant the town code and she will send you to the depths of your nightmares


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So I just found out all my animal crossing posts have gone on a secondary tumblr account.  WHY.


Alec Holowka tweeted something that rings pretty true when it comes to Going Indie.

And I replied:


The video game industry is just that.

An industry.

Which means that it exists in a capitalistic world. You know, a free market. A place where you’re welcome to spend your money on whatever you please… or to refrain from spending that money.

Those companies that put these products out?…

Tecmo Koei Canada officially closes it’s doors today.  I just grabbed some online art assets and threw together a few wallpapers, as a way of saying goodbye.


They will kill it.

Be in no doubt. These established industry veterans, who could achieve their goals through traditional paths, will kill Kickstarter with their greed.

“Greed” might seem harsh. But here we see Peter Molyneux, as established a figure as you can find in the games industry,…






Oh, so I guess “It’s the White House for a reason” is a thing now.  Alex Zeagler’s is my favorite: “on the off chance this is racist, don’t worry ‘coz it’s not offensive.”

That reason is because, you know, it’s a house that is white.

God I hate people…but especially these people.

Because it’s totally not racist if you say it’s not racist…. bastards!

Casual racism is racism.

Racism rooted in ignorance is racism.

Ignoring that racism exists is racism.

Racism is racism.

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From the RIM video.
I think the possibilities for editing this image would be endless….